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alternateNames=Lands of Lore|
publisher=[[Virgin Interactive]]<br />[[Electronic Arts]]|
developer=[[Westwood Studios]]|
distributor=[[Electronic Arts]]|
platforms=DOS, PC-98|
resolution=320x200, 256 colors (DOS)<br>640x400, 16 colors (PC-98)|
support=Since ScummVM 1.4.0|
purchase=No[[Where to get the games#Other Games|Yes]]
'''Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos''' is an RPG. The evil sorceress Scotia, who rules the Dark Army, has come into possession of the Nether Mask, which gives her the power to change her form. The Dark Army invades the Gladstone Keep, and King Richard is poisoned by Scotia. Now a team of warriors must save the king and defeat the evil sorceress.


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