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* PQ1: you are supposed to put your gun into the locker at the police station. The script related to this is buggy. When you put the gun into the locker, it disposes the gun in memory immediately, but it then waits 2 seconds until it actually closes the locker. If the player is fast enough and clicks again, the disposed gun is accessed again, which results in a crash in ScummVM. This worked by pure luck in SSCI. {{BugTrack|num=3036933}} {{BugTrack|num=3303802}}
* QFG1VGA: looking at a centaur will show the description of a saurus rex. {{BugTrack|num=3604943}}
* QFG1VGA: pulling the chain in Yorick's room near the end of the game and then pressing the button on the right side of the room results in a broken game including a few weird graphical glitches. {{BugTrack|num=3585793}}
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