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→‎Unofficial Platforms: Update notes on Raspberry Pi Unofficial Platform.
* [ HTML5/Javascript web port] using [ Emscripten] - Source code is [ here].
* [ Raspberry Pi]
** As this uses the Raspbian distribution based on Debian by default, "apt-get update && apt-get install scummvm" is all that is required.<br>However, the standard Debian version of ScummVM is currently outdated (v1.4.1)and should be avoided as many bugs have been fixed since this release.<br>The Raspbian repository contains a package for the v1.6.0 release, see [ here] which should be used instead.<br>If necessary, to manually build a newer version from source code, please follow the normal instructions [ here] for getting the latest code from our source code repository and compiling under a Linux environment with GCC.<br>Note that if the static build fails with an Out Of Memory (OOM) error at linking, you need to either mount a swap (virtual) memory device on USB or use the patch located [ here] to reduce the linker memory usage. Another option is to instead build the scummvm binary with dynamic linking of engine plugins by passing --enable-plugins --default-dynamic to the configure script, before calling make.** It should also be noted that in Raspbian, issues with the SDL fullscreen output (black bars at edges, aspect ratio issues) have been seen when running in X Windows i.e. X11 output, but these are not seen when running fullscreen in Framebuffer from text console, so if you wish to use fullscreen output, then do so from a text prompt.
* [ Popcorn Hour A-100 Networked Media Tank (Internet TV Box)] - incomplete port?