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== Installing Daily Builds Installation ==
=== Release Builds === Most users will install/update the latest stable signed release build and plugins from the Google Play store directly on their device.<br>The ScummVM developer page for this is [ here].<br>It is required to install the main ScummVM application from [ here] before installing the required engine plugins. For users with Android devices lacking the Google Play store access, zip files with signed apks will be provided on the download page and these can be installed with a file manageras per the instructions for daily builds below. === Daily Builds === As the Play store version may be outdated or users may want to test newer development versions, the daily autogenerated builds from our buildbot can be found [ here].<br>
However, to install them, a few points are needed to be dealt with:
* You will need to uninstall all currently installed ScummVM versions including all plugins, as you can not install a daily build alongside the stable release.
* In order to install the APKs from the daily build zip files, you will need a file manager. The free and open source Ghost Commander is recommended which can also unzip the zip files if downloaded directly to the device.
* In order to install these _UNSIGNED_ daily builds, you will need to enable the option in the Android Settings for Unknown sources.<br>This is usually under Settings->Security->Unknown Sources (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources).<br>You should turn this off again after you have installed both the main ScummVM apk and the required engine plugins.


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