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added new missing audio entry in KQ6
* Jones CD: The sound track in some versions contained junk at the beginning, which results in the animations and the speech being out of sync. If the garbage is removed from the beginning of the ripped track (with a program like Audacity), speech works fine (the track should begin with "Welcome to QT clothing! We will sell you anything!") - {{BugTrack|num=3069435}}
* KQ5: After the deaf man scene, warning failed to find audio entry 9302 appears several times, 7072 comes immediately after that scene, 7065 isn't found when Cassima frees you from the prison, 9300 is not found after going through the labyrinth with her, 9301 when throwing the fish to the cat, 7068 when going through the pages of the book
* KQ6: Missing sync resource. Right at the beginning, go to bookshop and get the book that's on the table. 2nd portrait has no sync resource but audio. Windows version uses the appended sort of "raw data" for lip-sync, that's why its working there (see We may possibly even create virtual sync resources out of that data, so the scripts will get it and even DOS version could work with full lip-sync. Further investigation required. We are now using the "raw" data in ScummVM* KQ6: Missing audio, when following the swimming guy right at the start, the dialog by the guy right after Alexander jumps is not played, audio entry (260, 7, 3, 13, 2)
* LB2CD: In the police station, when asking the policeman at the front desk about the Leyendecker Museum, audio entry (290, 2, 6, 23, 5) is missing
* PQ2 demo: The version publicly available has several corrupt/broken views inside its resource files (bad copy?) and crashes at the police station scene - {{BugTrack|num=3034543}}


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