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* EQ1 (CD only!): The game crashes when trying to exit room 660 (closeup of the head of King Cetus) from the left or right, while trying to show a dialog that you shouldn't go that way. You need to exit the screen from the bottom to continue normally. This gets patched in ScummVM on-the-fly.
* KQ6: When scrolling through inventory pages, 4 new stack frames are created each time, causing a stack overflow after some time. - {{BugTrack|num=3293954}}
* KQ6: If you drink the "Drink Me" bottle, while standing in front of the gate on the Isle of Wonder, the gate disappears - {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|num=30467495252}} Wasn't exclusive to the gate room. It would happen in every room that uses AddToPic-elements
* LSL5: Almost at the end during last flight, one text box in the Patti conversation gets overdrawn with Patti. Happens only in German version with German text enabled. Also happens in Sierra SCI.
* PQ1: you are supposed to put your gun into the locker at the police station. The script related to this is buggy. When you put the gun into the locker, it disposes the gun in memory immediately, but it then waits 2 seconds until it actually closes the locker. If the player is fast enough and clicks again, the disposed gun is accessed again, which results in a crash in ScummVM. This worked by pure luck in SSCI. {{BugTrack|num=3036933}} {{BugTrack|num=3303802}}


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