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* In the Arcada, you'll notice the screen is shaking and shaking. And it should (every once in a while). Your ship is under attack, remember?!? But on faster computers, it just won't stop. And that's incredibly annoying.
* You will dehydrate in the desert way too soon. A message will pop up almost immediately when you've landed, telling you you need to drink. You'll die of thirst before you can even think of exploring the planet - speed slider must be set fully up to avoid this, otherwise you may use newrisingsun's script patches which solve this issue - {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|numid=30363595032}}
* After entering the ship with your robot, you will see the timepod shortly fully and then it will start appearing - it's a script issue that seems to occur on faster machines even in dos-box - setting a breakpoint on robotIntoShip::changeState "solves" it. (Timing is controlled by cycleCnt in Beg::init and Beg::nextCel)


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