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== Space Quest 4 ==
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* Right at the start, when walking upwards to the next room, Roger will immediately and automatically walk down to the previous room. This also happens in sierra sci, when running it in dos-box with max cycles - {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|numid=30922235468}} and {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|numid=31406135557}}* When the time pod appears in the Arcade on the Galaxy Galleria the animation plays but when it stops it stops on an incorrect cel/loop and is only partially visible. The sequel police gets out of a partially visible time pod - {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|numid=30465065248}}
* When flying through time, the palette animation doesn't work properly for SQ4/Floppy. It seems the display isn't updated / maybe it's also caused by our speed throttler. Is a ScummVM bug. (details: timeToTimeWarpS::changeState, code at code_0963 is an inner loop only checking music and calling kPalette)


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