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Summer of Code/Application/2014

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All in all, we maintain that we are refining our method of student selection the past years and this refinement leads to better results each year. The discussions, testimonials and proposed actions which the mentor summit has brought up -and which we have participated in these six years- have helped us a great deal, during this refinement process as well. Our new management organization has also proven its efficiency during these last 2 years, and we expect much of it in the future.
Summary pass/fail: <span style="color:red">2013: 4/0 </span> 2012: 3/1 2011: 1/1 2010: 4/0 2009: 4/1 2008: 5/1 2007: 5/2
=== Is there anything else we should know or you'd like to tell us that doesn't fit anywhere else on the application? ===
<span style="color:red">TO BE DONE</span>

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