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See [[OpenTasks/Graphics/Hardware Acceleration]] for more details.
=== Denarius Engine (Most likely cancelled) ===
Technical contacts: [[User:Strangerke|Arnaud Boutonné]], [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]].
'''The original author is currently unable to find the sources. It's likely this task will be either postponed to next year or cancelled. Please talk to the mentors as soon as possible if you're interested anyway.'''
The Denarius Avaricius Sextus Engine has been generously provided by his authors who found the sources in their archives. This engine is written in Turbo Pascal and is used in the game [ Denarius Avaricius Sextus].
The sources has been given under GPLv2, as well as the game data.
The important parts of this task would be first to port the sources from Pascal to C++, to rework then refactor it heavily, and to integrate it into ScummVM. The use of ScummVM subsystems for graphics, audio, input, etc, will be mandatory, and it'll be required to follow our portability/style guidelines.
See [[OpenTasks/Engine/Denarius]] for more details.
=== Improve AGI Engine ===