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Add further notes on Forum Admin tasks.
This is mainly concerned with enforcing the [ forum rules].<br>
They should also aim to answer user support requests, point users at various FAQs, wiki pages and otherwise deal with questions posted on the forums (though any developer or other forum user may do this as well).<br>
Spam on the forum is a major issue and any user account which spams junk or commercial messages should have those posts moved to deleted topics or deleted.<br>
If the account is obviously a "spammer" account i.e. only messages are spam, e-mail used is listed as a known spammer account, then the account should be deleted and the e-mail address, IP address and/or user name banned to prevent re-registraion. However, some care should be taken to ban in the way least likely to cause issues for other users i.e. banning a single IP is better than a range etc.<br>
The IP address used to post can be retrieved by an admin from the post by clicking the IP button on the right hand side of the post. The cross next to that is the post deletion option.<br>
Due to the volume of automated spambots registering accounts and then spamming, we have various questions and CAPTCHA to try to exclude mass bot registrations.<br>
As this proved only partially effective, we have now enabled verification of new user accounts by moderators/admins.<br>
When a user registers, an e-mail is sent to all moderators/admins asking them to verify the account. Only after the moderator/admin logs in and then clicks the required link is the account enabled.<br>
TODO: Explain how to ban a user properly; how to deal with spam; ...


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