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→‎Binaries: Mention need to pass "--disable-debug" to configure when building release binaries.
* Get porters to make binaries.
** Porter must follow our filename convention, which goes like this: "scummvm-VERSION-PORT.EXTENSION". For example: "scummvm-1.1.0-macosx.dmg". Do '''not''' use special names like "EScummVM" or "ScummVMDS". The only exclusion from this requirement is Debian.
** Porters should pass "--enable-release" to configure in case their port is using the configure/make based build system. If their port is not using the configure/make based build system they should make sure they properly define RELEASE_BUILD when compiling their release binary. It is also noteworthy that "--disable-debug" should be passed in order to remove debugging information from the binary.
** Here is a list of files porters should include in their release archives:


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