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Remove ideas handled in GSoC 2014
See [[OpenTasks/Engine/ImproveAGI]] for more details.
=== CGE2 Engine ===
Technical contacts: [[User:Strangerke|Arnaud Boutonné]], [[User:Dreammaster|Paul Gilbert]].
Sfinx is a Polish game based on the CGE engine. The sources of the engine have been generously provided by his authors who found the sources in their archives and by the copyright owners (LK Avalon ). This engine is written in C and ASM and is an evolution of another game already supported by ScummVM, Soltys.
Here are some details concerning Sfinx: [ Sfinx].
The sources has been given under GPLv2, as well as the game data.
The important parts of this task would be to fix the extraction/compacting tools, to define how similar the engine is compared to CGE1, then to rework and refactor the sources heavily, and to integrate it into ScummVM as part of CGE or as a new engine. The use of ScummVM subsystems for graphics, audio, input, etc, will be mandatory, and it'll be required to follow our portability/style guidelines.
See [[OpenTasks/Engine/Sfinx]] for more details.
=== Adding text to speech support in Mortville Manor ===
See [ Wintermute 3D] for more details.
=== Implement missing features in Escape From Monkey Island ===
Technical contacts: chkr <at> residualvm <dot> org, klusark <at> residualvm <dot> org
We re-implemented own game engine which support "Grim Fandango", the original engine used to play this game also supports another game: "Escape from Monkey Island". The difference is that "Escape from Monkey Island" uses a newer version of the game engine, with some modifications which we still haven't implemented fully. A lot of work HAS been done towards this, but there is still a lot left to do.
See [ Missing Features in EMI] for more details
=== iOS port ===
See [ iOS Port] for more details
=== TinyGL improvements ===
Technical contacts: [[User:aquadran|Paweł Kołodziejski]], [[User:somaen|Einar Johan Trøan Sømåen]]
TinyGL is a limited OpenGL implementation which uses CPU for rendering. Original code was imported into our project.
We made adoptions and improvements for one of our game engines, but it still lacks some features and optimizations.
See [ TinyGL improvements] for more details
=== Multichannel 3D sound support ===

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