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'''This task requires C++ and JavaScript knowledge.'''
=== Port WAGE engine ===
Technical contacts: [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]].
The WAGE engine is an engine behind [ World Builder], an early system for authoring adventure games on Mac.
Alexei Svitkine has a basically [ working implementation in Java], and [[User:Sev|sev]] has started
efforts on porting the engine to ScummVM awhile ago: [ github link].
Alexei continued its development, and sev abandoned the effort due to other projects within ScummVM.
Current ScummVM implementation is able to load the game assets and runs scripts. However it lacks support for QuickDraw pictures used everywhere
in the game. Originally sev wanted to provide pixel perfect implementation, which was the primary reason why development stalled. But several years ago
Apple has [ released full sources] of their QuickDraw 1.0 code, which makes
achieving this goal possible. However, Alexei's engine is using standard Java gfx classes, and that looks to be sufficient.
Your task is to finish the porting efforts, complete the engine, and probably increase the compatibility.
'''This task requires C++ and Java knowledge.'''
=== Sources for other ideas ===

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