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Many 90s-era adventure games were developed using the Macromedia (now Adobe) Director tool. They don't run any more on modern systems, and current versions of Director can't even open the files (and too much has changed; Macromedia themselves have said that "reauthoring the movie from scratch" is often more efficient). It would be nice to be able to play these games in ScummVM!
There is already (Python) code available which can parse and display the contents of Director 2 and Director 3 'movie' files, and the basic framework of a ScummVM C++ engine. The task would involve trying to implement enough of a SummVM ScummVM engine to allow some early Director adventures to be played; for example, parsing the movie files, implementing the frame-based playback system, drawing bitmaps and shapes, playing sounds and running some basic (Lingo) scripting.
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