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Added an OS X-port task.
'''This task requires C++ and Java knowledge.'''
=== Native OS X port ===
Technical contacts: [[User:somaen|Einar Johan Trøan Sømåen]].
ScummVM's current OS X port is SDL 1.2 based, which is a dead project, having been replaced by SDL2, and Apple has a tendency to change and deprecate functionality with each version of their OS, as such, the current state of the OS X port seems to degrade with each new OS X release. Functionality added in newer releases of OS X, such as the new Full-screen modes introduced in 10.7 are also not available for use in ScummVM with the current SDL1.2 port.
One option for solving this, is to create a backend for OS X that doesn't use SDL. This would mean writing replacement code for the parts where SDL currently handles things (i.e. atleast audio/video/input, but possible other details). A major aim of such a project would be to retain backwards compatibility with 10.2 as we have today, while allowing for a good user experience on the very latest OS X versions as well.
'''This task requires C++ and Objective-C/Cocoa knowledge.'''
=== Sources for other ideas ===


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