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= Nippon Safes Inc. =
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* When one clicks on the entrance of the "Hot Sushi" right after the dialog between ego and driver and the taxi drivers starts moving towards ego, ego will walk towards "Hot Sushi". At the position where ego were standing there then will be a second sprite of ego created which is getting punched by the taxi driver and only AFTER ego starts "flying" towards the wall the second (walking) ego will be erased. The problem is the scripts still think ego is walking inside "Hot Sushi" leaving the player with NO ego at all in the next scene which will eventually be loaded when the invisible walking ego reaches "Hot Sushi". One can talk to everyone in here, but NOT walk out anymore, game is stuck and not completable. {{BugTrack|num=2979131}}* The same happens when ego is walking up the street. A second ego is created (which in this case is not erased when first ego flies), but the next scene will be playable (probably due to the inbetween "walking up" animation?{{BugTrackSF|id=4839}}* Dino refuses to talk (Amiga/French). {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|numid=18239683445}}
* ...
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