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Compiling ScummVM/RPI

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Of course, you'll have to install any additonal libs from Raspbian running of the Pi before expecting them to be available, so if you compile scummvm with FLAC support, you should have installed the libflac development libs on the Pi first.
So let's go with First we export the headers path where we will copy these into, and libs then we will manually copythem. I copied them to /homechoose /manuelopt/rpi_root, but any other path with the right permissions for your user and common sense is going to be ok:
cp -R <SD_mountpoint_directory>export $RPI_ROOT /usr /home/manuelopt/rpi_root
cp -R <SD_mountpoint_directory>/lib /home/manuel/rpi_rootusr $RPI_ROOT
cp -R <SD_mountpoint_directory>/lib $RPI_ROOT cp -R <SD_mountpoint_directory>/opt $RPI_ROOT Now we need to setup the cross-building sdl-config so it's used instead on the host system's sdl-config script. Edit $RPI_ROOT/homeusr/bin/sdl-config and change the prefix line to: prefix=/opt/manuelrpi-root/rpi_rootusr
== Configuring ScummVM ==


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