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sq4 bug was CD only
* SQ1VGA: another timepod is supposed to appear, when leaving Ulence Flats. On very fast machines, that timepod appears completely immediately and then starts to "fade in" like it's supposed to be.
* SQ4/Floppy: When trying to throw stuff at the sequel police in Space Quest X (zero g zone), first the correct message box appears and then the game either crashes (Sierra SCI w/o patch), shows another message box with garbed text (Sierra SCI w/ patch) or creates a signature error (ScummVM). It doesn't happen with all objects. It definitely happens, when trying to throw the slime jar. Sierra's patch doesn't fix it properly.
* SQ4/CD: At the beginning of the game, if the zombie spots Roger while he's picking the rope, the game scripts try to access an invalid object and crash {{BugTrackSF|id=6076}}
= Timer issues =