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== Introduction ==
One popular type of task is to improve our support for the games you love, whether this means a new game engine, or helping us to perfect an existing one!.
Sometimes source code is available - examples from in recent summers include , students integrated code supporting games such as [[Sfinx]], [[Wintermute]], [[The Prince and the Coward]], and [[Avalanche]] into ScummVM. Another example is the support for the [[Wintermute]] engine, which gained. Another example is int and support for the [[ZVision]] engine. and [[Wintermute]].
Amore challenging (but hopefully rewarding) idea is to start (or continue) reverse engineering a game where no source is available (two such . Two good examples are the pair of students who drastically improved ResidualVM's support for Escape from Monkey Island, and the work on improving [[Operation Stealth]]).
If you'd prefer to improve ScummVM more directly, there are even more options available there; in the past, students have improved our OpenGL support, added a testing framework, written a new GUI framework, improved sound format support and added support for high-colour (16bpp and above) graphics. It's difficult for us to imagine ScummVM as it was before some of these projects, you can make a huge difference!


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