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== GUI Tasks ==
A good source of tasks is our Our current GUI, which could use refreshing and updating for, in particular to improve howcurrently popular it works with newer platforms, such as iOS or Android. Some specifics We have a few suggestedtasks could be the following.:
=== Improve touchscreen GUI ===
Since it is theme based, part of the problem can be resolved by using a custom
theme. However, our GUI code will need extensions to allow it to behave like a
proper touchscreen application. See [[OpenTasks/Generic/Touch GUI]] for more details. 
=== Improve Main GUI ===
Technical contacts: [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]].
Several years ago We have a wishlist for improved GUI widgets; we switched to new XML-based 'd like better sliders, multiline text widgets, and vector-based GUI. Unfortunately during this transition number of nice touches from previous version of Modern GUI were lostan improved list widget. Particularly current GUI lacks soft shadows, antialiasing in number of places, we are lacking We also want proper widgets for our PopUp and List widgets. Those need to be implemented as part of this task.
Also there is need , several years ago, we switched to implement better slidersa new XML-based and vector-based GUI, but unfortunately during this transition number of nice touches were lost. In particular, multiline text widgets as well as improve the current List widgetGUI lacks soft shadows and antialiasing in number of places.We'd like them back!
See [[OpenTasks/Generic/Improve GUI Look]] for more details.