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You should come to our [[IRC Channel]] and introduce yourself! We're friendly, and it's often the easiest way to ask questions about the tasks and the code in general. The channel is the main form of everyday communication for the project, and there will almost always be developers there who can discuss your project ideas, answer questions and help out.
== Introduction ==
If you'd prefer to improve ScummVM more directly, there are even more options available there; in the past, students have improved our OpenGL support, added a testing framework, written a new GUI framework, improved sound format support and added support for high-colour (16bpp and above) graphics. It's difficult for us to imagine ScummVM as it was before some of these projects, you can make a huge difference!
== Tasks == === GUI Tasks ===
Our current GUI could use refreshing and updating, in particular to improve how
==== Improve touchscreen GUI ====
Technical contacts: [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]].
See [[OpenTasks/Generic/Improve GUI Look]] for more details.
=== Game Tasks ===
=== Macromedia Director ===