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Technical contacts: Our IRC channel, our mailing list, or contact [[User:somaen|Einar Johan Trøan Sømåen]], [[User:LordHoto|Johannes Schickel]], [[User:Fuzzie|Alyssa Milburn]], [[User:Digitall|David G. Turner]]
Difficulty level: Medium. Some knowledge of graphics APIs (ideally OpenGL) would help, and ideally a mobile device of some kind which can run ScummVM, to experiment with. Some engines (such as Wintermute, and Broken Sword 2.5) would greatly benefit from hardware acceleration for their graphics code.Obviously the purpose of Since this task is not to make it available on possible for all ports. The impacted ports have to , an important part of this work would be determined in advancedeveloping a suitable API.
See [[OpenTasks/Graphics/Hardware Acceleration]] for more details.


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