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Summer of Code/GSoC Ideas 2016

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We have two suggested tasks in the direction of text-to-speech:
==== Adding text -to -speech support in Mortville Manor ====
Difficulty: easyEasy (depending on how you want to approach the task); just knowledge of C++ and some experience programming should suffice.
The original [[Mortville Manor ]] game was using used a speech synthesis system based on PC Speaker.
The purpose of Our hope for this task is would be to replace this obsolete speech synthesis by with an external dependency which will would allow to implement a decent the implementation of modern text -to -speech generation, in (at least) French, German and English. We have some ideas for which libraries would be suitable, but we're also open to suggestions (and offering the option of platform-specific APIs is also a possibility).
==== Adding speech synthesis of on-screen text for people with reduced sight or for learning to read ====


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