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   ---- '''See [[GSoC Ideas 2016]]''' for the 2016 version of this page. ----          <!--This page contains a list of ideas about projects/tasks for the ScummVM and the ResidualVM projects which we feel are relatively substantial (and so appropriate for at least ''part'' of a Google [[Summer of Code]] project), and accessible to newcomers with good C++ knowledge.
These are just the few projects that we have come up with ourselves, and there are many many other tasks which would be helpful to the project - many ScummVM engines have their own TODO lists, and there are large tasks related to ResidualVM engines.
If you already have reverse engineering experience, you could consider working on one of the external in-development game engines, or even on support for a new game. However, doing this kind of work is very difficult and time-consuming - you would have to convince us that you have the necessary skills to actually be sufficiently productive, probably by demonstrating some actual progress first.


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