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Release Testing

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→‎Release Testing for ScummVM: add link for 2.0.0 testing
== Release Testing for ScummVM ==
* [[Release Testing/2.0.0|2.0.0]]
* [[Release Testing/1.9.0|1.9.0]]
* [[Release Testing/1.8.1|1.8.1]]
* [[Release Testing/1.8.0|1.8.0]]
* [[Release Testing/1.7.0|1.7.0]]
* Preferably use of save/load facility.
* '''Do not''' skip cutscenes.
* If you encounter any problems, please, submit a bug report at our [http bug tracker].
* If a game has several branches, test as many variants as you can.
* At least 1 user should test each game, preferably but not obligatory on different platforms.
Please provide information on our bug tracker. Please, do not post bugs to our forums as that makes discussions and bug fixing progress tracking practically impossible.
* Make sure that you have a working mail set up at your GitHub account. In this case you will receive our reply to your bug report.
* Snapshot date (but please, always test with the latest one).
* Bug details, including instructions on reproducing it.


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