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Your application has two important purposes: It should clearly identify the goals of your project, and it should convince us that you are the right person for this task.
In particular, your application is your opportunity to show us that you understand what you'll be doing for the task, and to demonstrate that you've spent some time thinking about it, its difficulties, strategies for overcoming these, and have a good estimate of how much time they will take. Based on that, we will ask you a realistic planning for the 12 weeks of GSoC, including the deliverables expected at mid-term and at the end of the GSoC. In order to be complete, we also expect you to make a pull request, for example for a bug fix. The purpose is to ensure you know how to use Git, and that you had a look at our coding conventions.
We don't expect you to produce a perfect application without any help at all. We strongly encourage you to discuss your plans and your application with us while you're preparing it, to ensure your ideas align well with our own thoughts on the tasks, and that your objectives are achievable. It is also the perfect chance to already get to know your potential mentors and the rest of the team. Don't hesitate to join the IRC channels and ask questions: keep in mind that there are no stupid questions!
== Application template ==
== Application template ==