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Release Testing/1.8.0

103 bytes added, 12:25, 19 February 2016
→‎Other Games: Add DW1 German DOS CD AdLib test result.
|[*] Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars||English||Completable, but with almost-blocker crash {{Tracker|num=6979}}||albadross||Win64 (Win7 x64)||??????? (Feb 9, 2016)
|- style="background:lightgreen"
|Discworld 1||English DOS CD<br>German DOS CD (MT-32 Emulator)<br>German DOS CD (AdLib)||Completable.<br>Completable.<br>Completable.{{Tracker|num=7047}}.||albadross<br>Vorph<br>Vorph||Win64 (Win7 x64)<br>Win32 (Win10 x64)<br>Win32 (Win10 x64)||??????? (Dec ??, 2015)<br>??????? (Feb 3, 2016)<br>db49761
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|Future Wars (CD)||N/A||N/A||None||None||None


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