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= Missing/corrupt Resources =
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* Jones CD: The sound track in some versions contained junk at the beginning, which results in the animations and the speech being out of sync. If the garbage is removed from the beginning of the ripped track (with a program like Audacity), speech works fine (the track should begin with "Welcome to QT clothing! We will sell you anything!") - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5367}}
* KQ5: After the deaf man scene, warning failed to find audio entry 9302 appears several times, 7072 comes immediately after that scene, 7065 isn't found when Cassima frees you from the prison, 9300 is not found after going through the labyrinth with her, 9301 when throwing the fish to the cat, 7068 when going through the pages of the book
* KQ6: Missing sync resource. Right at the beginning, go to bookshop and get the book that's on the table. 2nd portrait has no sync resource but audio. Windows version uses the appended sort of "raw data" for lip-sync, that's why its working there (see We may possibly even create virtual sync resources out of that data, so the scripts will get it and even DOS version could work with full lip-sync. Further investigation required. We are now using the "raw" data in ScummVM
* KQ6: Missing audio, when following the swimming guy right at the start, the dialog by the guy right after Alexander jumps is not played, audio entry (260, 7, 3, 13, 2)
* LB2CD: In the police station, when asking the policeman at the front desk about the Leyendecker Museum, audio entry (290, 2, 6, 23, 5) is missing
* PQ2 demo: The version publicly available has several corrupt/broken views inside its resource files (bad copy?) and crashes at the police station scene - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=4952}}* SQ4: The Adlib track of song 57 (when the latex babes catch you after falling off the pterodactyl nest) is broken, and it plays much too quickly compared with the MT-32/GM tracks. This results in a long silence when the song is looped - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5247}}
= Script bugs =
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* Camelot: Game can sometimes hang at the second boar in forest perilous. This happens because the mule can sometimes follow Ego at the boar screen, when it shouldn't - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5180}}* EQ2: In the screen with the four Victoria Lilies inside the forest, you're supposed to get information on them using the ecorder, and then cut one of them. The Ecorder is only highlighted when it's hovered over one of them, (the one you're supposed to cut later on), but it can record any four of them - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5552}}
* LSL6: Sometimes the tram doesn't stop after talking to char. To fix this you need to revert to an earlier save, where you have not talked to char yet - now grab matches in the bar, THEN talk to char and immediately go to the tram
* PQ3: day 4 at crime scene - after examining the victim Sonny's head disappears for around 0.5 seconds
* Camelot: At the bazar in Jerusalem, it's possible to take a peek at a girl taking a bath. If the player enters "look window" instead of walking there manually, ego will walk to the window. The script doing that is buggy, which may then result in an Oops! message in Sierra SCI and an error in ScummVM. {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=6402}}
* EQ1 (CD only!): The game crashes when trying to exit room 660 (closeup of the head of King Cetus) from the left or right, while trying to show a dialog that you shouldn't go that way. You need to exit the screen from the bottom to continue normally. This gets patched in ScummVM on-the-fly.
* KQ6: When scrolling through inventory pages, 4 new stack frames are created each time, causing a stack overflow after some time. - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5681}}* KQ6: If you drink the "Drink Me" bottle, while standing in front of the gate on the Isle of Wonder, the gate disappears - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5252}} Wasn't exclusive to the gate room. It would happen in every room that uses AddToPic-elements
* LSL5: During first flight Larry dreams about Patti: she is playing the piano. Strangely this isn't animated, but it is if you save/reload your game. Happens only in some versions! It already works now (25.05.2014), strangely it doesn't work properly in SSCI (confirmed for German LSL5). It also doesn't work properly when using older ScummVM saved games
* LSL5: Almost at the end during last flight, one text box in the Patti conversation gets overdrawn with Patti. Happens only in German version with German text enabled. Also happens in Sierra SCI.
* PQ1: you are supposed to put your gun into the locker at the police station. The script related to this is buggy. When you put the gun into the locker, it disposes the gun in memory immediately, but it then waits 2 seconds until it actually closes the locker. If the player is fast enough and clicks again, the disposed gun is accessed again, which results in a crash in ScummVM. This worked by pure luck in SSCI. {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5044}} {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5705}}* PQ1: saving while driving and restoring results in no map being displayed - bug in scripts {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5016}}* QFG1VGA: looking at a centaur will show the description of a saurus rex. {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=6249}}* QFG1VGA: pulling the chain in Yorick's room near the end of the game and then pressing the button on the right side of the room results in a broken game including a few weird graphical glitches. {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=6181}}* QFG1VGA: After throwing a dagger at the white stag, half of the Hero's animation/costume is not erased and stays stuck on the screen {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=6135}}* QFG3: priority issue in leopard chiefs hut, walking in front of the chief makes it visible {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5173}}
* SQ1VGA: another timepod is supposed to appear, when leaving Ulence Flats. On very fast machines, that timepod appears completely immediately and then starts to "fade in" like it's supposed to be.
* SQ4/Floppy: When trying to throw stuff at the sequel police in Space Quest X (zero g zone), first the correct message box appears and then the game either crashes (Sierra SCI w/o patch), shows another message box with garbed text (Sierra SCI w/ patch) or creates a signature error (ScummVM). It doesn't happen with all objects. It definitely happens, when trying to throw the slime jar. Sierra's patch doesn't fix it properly.
* SQ4/CD: At the beginning of the game, if the zombie spots Roger while he's picking the rope, the game scripts try to access an invalid object and crash {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=6076}}
= Timer issues =
== Police Quest 1 ==
* When putting away your gun at the Jail (Room 34) while going to offer a deal to Marie Wilkans, if you close the locker when the gun is inside, or if you double click your gun on the locker, ScummVM errors out (at that point, the gun object seems to be disposed and is referenced again by the scripts). You need to be quick to close the locker (it closes almost instantly) or just double click - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5044}}
* The game freezes after arresting kid (Victor Simms) for possession of narcotics and escorting him out of Bert's Park.
* The game locks up after the drug deal in the park.
'''Not yet fixed'''
* Sometimes under specific conditions, Sonny gets stuck in the briefing room when instructed to sit down - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5865}}
== Police Quest 2 ==
== Quest For Glory 1 (EGA) ==
'''Not yet fixed'''
* Sometimes, the game may hang when throwing rocks at the bird's nest - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5471}}
== Quest For Glory 1 (VGA) ==
== Quest For Glory 2 ==
* In the desert, when you get into a fight when riding the saurus it will run away. To get it back you have to leave and reenter the screen. The game will then automatically have you ride it again. However, if you input "Ride" again while you have time to input, the game will hang and you'll have to reload - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5156}}
== Quest For Glory 3 ==
* In the Arcada, you'll notice the screen is shaking and shaking. And it should (every once in a while). Your ship is under attack, remember?!? But on faster computers, it just won't stop. And that's incredibly annoying.
* You will dehydrate in the desert way too soon. A message will pop up almost immediately when you've landed, telling you you need to drink. You'll die of thirst before you can even think of exploring the planet - speed slider must be set fully up to avoid this, otherwise you may use newrisingsun's script patches which solve this issue - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5032}}
* After entering the ship with your robot, you will see the timepod shortly fully and then it will start appearing - it's a script issue that seems to occur on faster machines even in dos-box - setting a breakpoint on robotIntoShip::changeState "solves" it. (Timing is controlled by cycleCnt in Beg::init and Beg::nextCel)
* The spider droid will come too soon. Thus giving you little chance to explore the planet.
== Space Quest 4 ==
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* When the time pod appears in the Arcade on the Galaxy Galleria the animation plays but when it stops it stops on an incorrect cel/loop and is only partially visible. The sequel police gets out of a partially visible time pod - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5248}}
* When flying through time, the palette animation doesn't work properly for SQ4/Floppy. It seems the display isn't updated / maybe it's also caused by our speed throttler. Is a ScummVM bug. (details: timeToTimeWarpS::changeState, code at code_0963 is an inner loop only checking music and calling kPalette)
* Right at the start, when walking upwards to the next room, Roger will immediately and automatically walk down to the previous room. This also happens in sierra sci, when running it in dos-box with max cycles - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5468}} and {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5557}}
* When Roger enters a screen where the "droid-0-death" can/will appear, it will come almost immediately. It will be very hard to get the rope, the unstable ordinance, the PocketPal and to hide yourself from this droid, not to mention successfully entering the sewer grate. The biggest problem is, of course, that the game doesn't give you any time to explore and look around carefully because you're too occupied escaping the droid. The droid should not appear for at least a full minute.
* Boarding the transport shuttle on the streets of Xenon is almost impossible. The Sequel Police are already standing there, waiting to kill you. When playing the game on a slower computer, the Sequel Police will only appear after some seconds, giving you enough time to examine the shuttle and to enter the landing gear compartment.
== Space Quest 5 ==
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* When using the banana on WD-40 the very moment she's flying away (you need to be quick) - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5162}}* Sometimes the game freezes when changing planets/events while being in the ship - {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=5082}}, {{BugTrackSFTracker|id=6130}}


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