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|Comments about Phantasmagoria 2:<br/>|- US version (box barcode: 020626232883, no CD-box barcode) - FULLY UNCUT<br/>- UK version (box barcode: 3348542019638, CD-box barcode: 3348542019683) - censored heavily (sex + violence)<br|[[SCI/>- UK Sierra Originals budget version (box barcode: 3348542045224, CD-box barcode: 3348542019683) - censored heavily<br/>- Germany first English release (box barcode: 3348542013858, CD-box barcode: ???) - censored heavily - same as UK release<br/>- Germany second English release (box barcode: 3348542013858Phantasmagoria 2 Censorship|for detail about Phantasmagoria 2 censorship, CD-box barcode: 3348542019737) - FULLY UNCUT<br/>- Germany fully localized release (box barcode: 3348542019652, CD-box barcode: 3348542019737) - FULLY UNCUT, but one 30 second scene missing due to mastering error (Curtis + Therese meet near water cooler scene)<br/>- France fully localized release (box barcode: 3348542019645, CD-box barcode: 3348542019669) - FULLY UNCUT, 30 second scene also missing<br/>- France Sierra Originals budget fully localized version (box barcode: 3348542033368, CD-box barcode: ???) - FULLY UNCUT, 30 second scene also missing<br/>- Australia release - also censored heavily<br/><br/>Relevant files:<br/><br/>CD1:<br/>1630.DUK - sex scene uncensored<br/>1631.DUK - sex scene censored<br/><br/>CD2:<br/>4391.DUK - murder scene uncensored<br/>4395.DUK - murder scene censored<br/>5810.DUK - eyeball scene flashback uncensored<br/>5750.DUK - eyeball scene flashback censored<br/>7960.DUK - sex scene uncensored<br/>7965.DUK - sex scene censored<br/><br/>CD4:<br/>8215.DUK - second murder sex + violence uncensored<br/>8216.DUK - second murder sex + violence censored<br/><br/>CD5:<br/>4986.DUK - violence uncensored<br/>4987.DUK - violence censored<br/><br/>Differences between localized versions:<br/><br/>German/French version:<br/>3920.DUK on CD1 - Therese and Curtis meet at water cooler, this scene was replaced with Curtis just getting a drink<br/>4620.DUK on CD3 - Therese attacks Curtis, differently edited, has no dialog at all in the German+French version, less suspenseful<br/>click here]]


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