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* If the configure script gives an error about using msys mode, please make sure you are running the '''mingw-w64 win32 shell''' or the '''mingw-w64 win64 shell''', and not the '''msys2 shell''' from the MSYS2 package, when building ScummVM.
== DLLs required for running ScummVM on a "non-MSYS2" machine ==
If you want to run the ScummVM binary you just compiled on an (other) Windows machine that doesn't have mingw-w64 /MSYS2 installed, you need to copy a few .dll files from the folder '''/your-msys2-folder/mingw64/bin''' (for x64 builds) '''or ../mingw32/bin''' (for x86) to the same folder as your scummvm.exe.
The following list assumes that you are building ScummVM with default settings and all engines enabled, so chances that this list will suit your needs are pretty high.


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