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* If you do not have write (push) access to our repository, you should submit your contributions by one of the following methods:
** Using a [ Github Pull Request].<br> This requires you to have/register a github account, fork our repository, commit your changes to a branch and then issue a Pull Request.<br>This is the current preferred method as it is easier for the team to review, discuss and amend prior to merging.<br>You are expected to have read and to comply with our [[Commit Guidelines]].
** Using the [http patch tracker].<br>This requires you to have/register a github account, and generate a [ patch] file, but this may be easier for developers unfamilar with Git or for small single commit changes, where a Pull Request might be considered overkill.
** If neither of the above methods are suitable, individual developers may be willing to accept patches or amended source files by other methods i.e. e-mail, but please ask in the project IRC channel or by e-mail before doing this.
* Our [ Doxygen source code documentation] may help you to get the big picture about ScummVM.

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