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Add section for compiling without the console window
'''IMPORTANT''': You'll need to copy the matching SDL.dll file to a location Windows picks up to run the resulting binary. The easiest way to do this is to place the SDL.dll file in the directory where scummvm.exe is. There are multiple SDL.dll files to choose from, depending on your build configuration. Simply pick the right one from the prebuilt libraries. For example, if you build a Win32 Debug configuration, you will need to use "libs/x86/Debug/SDL.dll".
== Compiling without Console/Status Window ==
If you want to run ScummVM without the console Window being present by default, there are two things you need to do:
* In the Project Options for the scummvm project, go to the Linker | System | SubSystem line, and change the /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE to /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS
* In the file backends/platform/sdl/win32/win32.cpp, change the parameter from true to false in the first line of OSystem_Win32::initBackend:
ConfMan.registerDefault("console", false);


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