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Add section on PR approval (copy past from an email from sev with some small edits)
* Our [ Doxygen source code documentation] may help you to get the big picture about ScummVM.
* Also, you might want to check our list for current [[Platform Limitations]].
== Pull Request approval process ==
The current procedure is as follow:
# For a sizeable, significant changes it is advised to make a [ Pull Request on GitHub].
# Such Pull Request will have to stay for at least 2 weeks open for the comments.
# Everyone is invited to comment and review and voice their opinion (views of non-team members are valuable, but have no decisive power).
# If there are no unaddressed objections after 2 weeks, the PR could be merged. Exception could be made if there are suggestions over refactoring or tidying up the code, granted that they will be addressed in-tree.
# Immediately after the merge the PR maker ensures that the [ buildbot] stays happy and is not worsened (historically we had few ports broken for months).
The definition of what makes a sizeable changes not cast in stone. This is up to the discretion of the PR creator, but normally we would expect that anything which breaks existing OSystem API and the Common code, or significantly extends these, especially if it requires more work from the Porters, should go via a Pull Request process. The goal is to ensure that everything stays maintainable.
Any developer is free to open a PR for less significant changes, and that process could be used for facilitating the discussion and collecting feedback, but when there are no big changes involved, no 2 weeks timeout is enforced.
Individual engine sub-teams decide by themselves on the process. For example currently the SCI development is performed via PRs as well for any sizeable changes. It is up to that sub-team to drop this rule any time or make something even stricter. Just make sure you continue enjoying hacking the ScummVM code.
== For Engine authors ==


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