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=== How will you help your students stay on schedule to complete their projects? ===
<span style="color:red">We ask our student to give regular feedback to their mentors, at least once every 2 days. We also ask them to blog at least once a week about their progress.</span><span style="color:red">We also strongly encourage the students to ask questions on our IRC channel. As an empirical fact, on IRC any student will be able to get support literally 24/7, as our developers are scattered all over the globe.</span>
<span style="color:red">With those rules in place, it's very easy for the mentors and the co-mentors to detect any difficulty a student may experience, and help them to fix it or work around it.</span>
<span style="color:red">In parallel, the mentors regularly check if the plans are achievable and realistic. If the student is ahead of schedule, some extra work may be discussed. At the opposite, if the student is behind schedule, discussions will occur very early among the mentors and then with the student to define what can be put in place so that the student completes the projects nevertheless.</span>
=== How will you get your students involved in your community during GSoC? ===

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