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→‎Binaries: -- update procedures
*** your build-specific README (optional)
*** ...
* Porters can need to upload binaries via SCP or SFTP: <code>scp FILENAME SFNET_USERNAME,</code>** More details on the upload process at some service and then provide sev with the file release system in general:
* Update the website internally (i.e. update the version in the repository), but do not yet put these changes online.
** Edit <code>include/</code> to update the global version.
** Update <code>data/downloads.xml</code>.
** Add a news item.
** Update default platform packages on sfCopy over the release files to FRS*** Set the OS for the newly uploaded binaries (click on the (i) next to each binary).**** -win32.exe as Windows binary**** -macosx.dmg as Mac binary**** .tar.bz2 as Linux, FreeBSD and Other binary**** -solaris-x86.tar.gz as Solaris binary
=== Tagging a version ===

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