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Add instructions for Sierra floppy games with split resource data (the game’s installer would normally handle this)
===All SCI16 ([[Sierra_Game_Versions#SCI0_.28early.29|SCI0/1]]) games===
* Copy all files to the game directory. Some games need additional work: '''''Floppy games with RESOURCE.p01, p02, etc. and/or RESOURCE.a01, a02, etc. files''''' * Concatenate all RESOURCE.p0* files to RESOURCE.000 (e.g. <tt>cat RESOURCE.p0* > RESOURCE.000</tt> on *nix).* Concatenate all RESOURCE.a0* files to RESOURCE.AUD (e.g. <tt>cat RESOURCE.a0* > RESOURCE.AUD</tt> on *nix).
===All SCI32 ([[Sierra_Game_Versions#SCI2|SCI2/3]]) games===


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