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* If you encounter a bug, check the [ SCI bug list] to see if it has already been reported. (You can narrow down the results to the game you are testing by opening the “Filters” section and adding a “Game” field to the set of filters from the drop-down.) If it has not, please report the bug, following the [ standard bug reporting instructions].
* Once you have finished testing a game, please [ fill out the test results form] to update [ the test results].
* The preferred testing order is, from highest to lowest priority:
'''Thank you for your help!'''
—SCI team
—SCI team<googlespreadsheet width="600" height="600">1llRmHPZBmisRQao_yDLUeT1kuM0hW31h5dnTlmfKMF4</googlespreadsheet>


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