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Welcome to the SCI testing page! Feel free to test one (or all!) of the games [ on the test list]listed below.
* Before starting, you may wish to review the [[Release Testing]] guidelines for some basic information on how to test games thoroughly.
* If you do not already have a copy of a game you’d like to test, visit [[Where to get the games#Sierra Games]] to learn where to get one.
* Please test games listed as “needs testing” (white), “second pass is needed” (yellow), or “needs retesting” (cyan) on the [ test list]below. If a game has already been tested but you have a different version of that game, feel free to test that as well, even if the game is marked as completable (green).
* Previously supported games will be set as completable after someone successfully plays through them once. Newly supported games will be set as completable after they have been played through twice.
—SCI team
{| border="0"
|style="border:thin solid black;width:350px"|Needs testing
|style="background:#ffff77;width:350px"|Second pass is needed
|style="background:#77ffff;width:350px"|Needs retesting
|style="background:#ff7777;width:350px"|Major problems
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