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Starship Titanic

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'''Starship Titanic''' is a point and click adventure game where the Starship Titanic experiences a system failure and crash lands on Earth during its maiden voyage.
== TODOs ==
* We don't fully support Indeo 4 encoded videos that contain transparency data directly in the video frames. We currently do a best guess estimation - this is particularly noticeable in the SuperGalacticTraveler bedroom, where you'll jagged black borders around the various pieces of furniture.
* We also don't support the QSound library the original game used for simulating sounds in 3D space to output to standard stereo. We just do a very basic reduction of volume based on sounds' distance from the player.
* The last puzzle of the game, the 3D starmap, contains a massive amount of code. This includes a lot of matrix manipulations, a lot of whose methods still have anonymous names like 'fn1'. We could really use a developer with more mathematical experience to spend time cleaning up the code base and giving everything better names.
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