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=== Main TODO ===
(In Order of Priority):
* Finish External Commands (Many are done, most are self-explanatory)
* Transitions
* Finish ambient sound handling: Only fading is left
* Cleanup video handling
** We should emulate the QuickTime overlay, without doing so causes a couple glitches:
*** Rarely before a video, the screen that should be shown after the video flashes before the video starts (for example: opening the linking book in the Rebel tunnel puzzle).
*** Rarely after a video, the engine does not update with the correct screen. As far as I can tell, this ''only'' affects the easter egg videos on gspit and ospit under normal conditions. However, it can be noticed when skipping a video on occasion.
**** We should also be showing the last frame when skipping
*** In one instance, the lower staircase with the sunners, the water effect can overwrite the video.
* Cleanup hotspot debugging mode. The water effect and videos write over it.
=== Stack TODO/Known Bugs ===
==== gspit ====
* The underwater viewer is partially implemented.
** xgwharksnd needs to be implemented.
** Has hardcoded background sounds.
==== tspit ====
* Marbles not drawn on grid when standing one step back from the marble puzzle
** xt7600_setupmarbles needs to be completed.
== Living Books TODO ==


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