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Compiling ScummVM/iPhone

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Add some instructions to build with Xcode
This page explains how to compile your own version of [[ScummVM]] using the [[iPhone]] or [[[iOS7]] backend.
= Using XCode =
You can compile ScummVM with the official tools from Apple and get it to work on your non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad. == Requirements ==You will need:* a macOS computer* Xcode (you can get it for free from the Mac App Store)* A developer account. You can create one for free using your Apple ID (the same one used for iCloud or the Mac App Store) on the [ Apple Developer Member Center].* iOS libraries used by ScummVM. There is a link to a convenient package below in the build instruction. Note: with a free developer account iOS App that you build will only be valid for 7 days and you will thus need to recompile and reinstall them each week. == Creating the Xcode project ==Clone the ScummVM repository from GitHub to get the source code:<source lang="bash">git clone</source> Generate the create_project tool:<source lang="bash">cd scummvm/devtools/create_project/xcodexcodebuild</source> Create a build directory, extract the [ iOS libraries package] and generate the Xcode project<source lang="bash">cd ../../../..mkdir buildcd build</source> Download the [ iOS libraries package] and extract them in the build directory:<source lang="bash">unzip ~/Downloads/</source> Generate Xcode project and open it:<source lang="bash">../scummvm/devtools/create_project/xcode/build/Release/create_project ../scummvm --xcode --enable-fluidsynth --disable-bink --disable-mt32emu --disable-nasm --disable-opengl --disable-theora --disable-taskbar --disable-libcurl --disable-sdlnetopen scummvm.xcodeproj</source> == Compile and Deploy ==In Xcode you need to configure the scummvm project:* Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.* Select your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) at the top of the window (in the title bar).* In the project ''General''TODO:settings you need to specify a unique ''Bundle Identifier'' (for example ''org.yourname.scummvm'' Describe how ).* You need to use XCode configure the ``Signing`` settings. Add an account by using your Apple ID if needed and create_project then select it. Then click on the Play button in the top left of the window to compile for iOS using start the build. The App will be automatically installed on your device at the end of the official Apple toolchainbuild.  '''TODO:''' Add a bit more details.  There are some outdated instructions on [ this blog] that may still be useful as it is illustrated and has more details
= Cross-Compilation =


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