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name=Thierry Crozat|
memberSince=April 7, 2010|
workingOn=[[User Manual]], [[Wiki|Wiki maintenance]]<br>[[Translations|Translations coodinator]]<br>[[Mac_OS_X|macOS X maintainer and packager]]<br>[[WikiSword1|Sword1 Engine]], [[Drascula|Drascula Engine]], [[Supernova|Wiki maintenanceSupernova Engine]]| blog=| email=criezy (AT)|
** Try to see if we can templatize the tables in [[User:Criezy/Engines]]
* Developments:
** Finish the [[Supernova| Supernova Engine]]
** Proof of concept for text to speech in ScummVM: [ code on GitHub] and [ video on youtube with Mortevielle engine].
** New dynamic layout engine for ScummVM GUI (WIP): [ code on Gitub]
** Qt backend for ScummVM (WIP)


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