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== About ==
ScummVM has been ported to Apple Mac OS X.<br>This supports PPC machines running OS X versions 10.4 or over and Intel machines running OSX macOS X versions 10.2.8 7 to 10.712.<br>Notes:
* 10.5.8 was the last version which supported PPC hardware.
* Sparkle support is disabled for PPC hardware and old 32 bits Intel hardware in order to maintain compatibility.* 10.7 12 has been tested, but some bugs have been reported associated with graphical glitchesfull screen, so please report any issues.* 10.8 13 should run this fine, but this has not been tested and some bugs {{Tracker|id=6112}} have been reported.
The right mouse button is emulated via Cmd-Click (that is, you click the mouse button while holding the Command/Apple/Propeller key). However, multi-button mice are fully supported, too (including right clicking and scroll wheel).


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