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:Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to update the 'Z' SCI fan game page. Everything should be fine now. [[User:MetaFox|MetaFox]] ([[User talk:MetaFox|talk]]) 01:44, 2 January 2018 (CET)
== Again cannot contact you ==
Tried to e-mail you over a week ago and apparently you did not receive your mail.
Quick question. Do you think it would make sense to split out the list of GLK games to a separate subpage of Engines page?
:Sorry - I didn't receive my mail. I'll check my Sourceforge settings to make sure it sends it to the correct e-mail. As for splitting out the games, that definitely wouldn't be a bad idea - since there are so many games for the various Glk subengines. [[User:MetaFox|MetaFox]] ([[User talk:MetaFox|talk]]) 10:22, 13 July 2020 (UTC)
::Actually, I decided to update my profile to my website e-mail so that any mail won't have to worry about the Sourceforge mail redirect. jenni (at) - I check this one daily, so I'll be sure to get it. [[User:MetaFox|MetaFox]] ([[User talk:MetaFox|talk]]) 18:19, 13 July 2020 (UTC)


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