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* '''Get in touch with us''' and our community. In particular, visit our IRC channel #scummvm on, and/or email the technical contacts listed on the [[GSoC Ideas]] page for each task that sounds appealing to you.
''Your best chance to find out whether ScummVM is right for you, and whether you are right for ScummVM, is to talk to us. We'll be happy to answer your questions, and help you decide whether you like to work with us. Your chances of being accepted later on will also be much higher if we already know you a bit. And finally, regular attendance of our IRC channel is almost mandatory if you want to work with us anyway ;-)''
* '''Get familiar with the code base'''. Clone our GitHub repository, compile the source code. Play with it. See [[Developer_Central]] for how to get started.
''You will need to know a bit about the project to work on your application. Also as part of the application you will need to provide a pull request with some code change to demonstrate that you can work with the code base.''
==Before you are accepted...==


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