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Remove need to create a wiki user page as per discussion on -devel
* We use [ Git] as our version management system. Please refer to the online [ documentation] and the book [ Pro Git] for instructions on how to use Git.<br>[[Git_tips|This]] and [[GIT_Migration|this]] might also be useful to refer to.<br>Please also note that all students will be working off of individual [ branches] of ScummVM, not the main development code (master).<br>We host currently code on [ Github], but [ our own bugtracker] is used for bug tracking, patch tracking etc.
* Reflect your progress in a weblog. It's fine to reuse your existing weblog, if you have one, with a "ScummVM GSoC" category or so. If you don't have one already, try [ Blogger], [ Wordpress] (see also, [ Movable Type], ... Start blogging very soon, even if it's just a "First post" so we can have a definite URL and we can subscribe to it.
* Create your user page on our Wiki and give a brief overview on what you are working on. However, your weblog is the main place to write about your progress.


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