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→‎Translation: Language template has been fixed
* At the top of the page, add the ''<nowiki>{{Languages}}</nowiki>'' template (see [[Template:Languages]]). If it is the first translation for that page, you will also need to add the template to the english page.
'''Note:''' There seems to be a small bug in the template for the moment with the detection of the page. If the bar does not have the correct list of languages, you can specify the page explicitly in the template:
<nowiki>{{Languages|User Manual/Introduction}}</nowiki>
The page name given to the template should always be the english page.
* If your translated page points to a page that is not yet translated, you might want to link to the not yet existing translated page, create that page and redirect to the english page. That way you will not have to change all the links when you decide to translate the page. For example, if you want to link to [[User Manual/ScummVM Interface]] from a German page, but [[User Manual/ScummVM Interface]] has not yet been translated to German, you might want to point to [[User Manual/ScummVM Interface/de]] anyway and create that page with the following content:


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