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'''Defines''', in [[AGIWiki/AGI|AGI]] [[AGIWiki/Logic|logic]], allow you to provide a proper name for the [[AGIWiki/Variable|variables]], [[AGIWiki/Flag|flags]], [[AGIWiki/Animated object|objects]] and other data in the game. This significantly improves the readability of the code.
To create a define name, use the <syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">#define</sourcesyntaxhighlight> command. The name of the define is given, followed by the define value:
<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">
#define ego o0
#define roomDescription "This is a large hall with tall pillars down each side."
Then the define name can be used in place of the define value:
'''Note:''' The rules for defines vary depending on the compiler. The following discussion applies to the [[AGIWiki/AGI Studio|AGI Studio]] compiler.
The same code, using defines, might appear like the following:
<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">
The AGI Studio compiler allows you to place the <code><nowiki>#define</nowiki></code> commands in a separate file and then use those defines in multiple logics without having to redefine them all again. See [[AGIWiki/Includes|includes]] for more details.


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