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Compiling ScummVM/MinGW

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→‎SDL: Add note about needing to edit sdl-config / pkg-config outputs for MinGW toolchains
=== SDL ===
SDL is already provided in compiled and needs no further changesdevelopment archives, so we can skip the compilation step for it
This can be found from [ here], going to the latest stable download and choosing the Development Libraries - MinGW 32/64-bit option. After extracting the contents of the SDL this archive in a folder, copy all the files in the 'include/SDL' folder to MinGW's include folder, copy all the files in the 'lib' folder to MinGW's lib folder and copy all the files in the 'bin' folder to MinGW's bin folder. It may be necessary to modify the bin/sdl-config and lib/pkgconfig/sdl2.pc files which are just text. These files provide the compiler option information to ScummmVM and SDL2 is passing the -mwindows compiler option by default which will result in a valid executable, but with broken console / command-line output. These should be removed or replaced by -mconsole (though this will affect all SDL compiled binaries made by the MinGW toolchain). ScummVM's configure script should deal automatically with this issue in future as the upstream SDL project has indicated that removing this "forced" option is a WONTFIX issue.
If you do wish to recompile SDL from source code, please note the following:


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